is commited in: building, developing, managing, and operating natural gas pipelines and related facilities to ensure that gas is provided for our customers. We are not just a company that transports energy to our customers but we are a company that is commited to build, develop and manage the areas and the environment in which we also operate. We base our business in reliability and trust with those utilizing our service to provide a source of energy with the most advanced technologies.

We are commited as a responsible company connecting energy in three main aspects:
TGI will continue to uphold and expand corporate values for its stakeholders, championing the interests of shareholders through its commitment as “the Transporter of Choice” for natural gas, proved and demonstrated through the reliability and Other aspects of increasing corporate values include the implementation of all daily business activities in line with the principles of Good Corporate Governance and Business Ethics. Further, we implement a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment management system, synergizing every resource, developing local community relations and strengthening communications with and concern for our valued employees.
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