As a logical continuance of TGI's appreciation of education, knowledge and experience our Corporate Social Responsibility activities are carried out by positioning the Company as an integral part to the environment to create an added value for stakeholders.

TGI believe in giving back to the community, has always done surveys and initial analysis on the availability of natural potential and local needs to ensure that our programs are sustainable and adds to the economic value of the local populace. Some of our work programs are:

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education Facility Improvement
  • Community Empowerment
  • Public Facilities and Infrastructures Repair
  • Local University Cooperation Program
  • Support for religious activities and celebration

Philanthropic efforts—including donations made by Transgasindo and employees and retirees—are one important way to support a range of such activities. Volunteerism is another, as the Transgasindo Volunteers network facilitates the donation of time and talent to develop and foster communities. In broader endeavors, Transgasindo addresses disaster relief in an equally focused manner, combining volunteerism and product donation to help communities in need.

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