Code of Conduct.
All directors, managers and employees of Transgasindo must act ethically at all times and in accordance with TGI policies. The board will not permit any waiver of any ethics policy for any level.

For Transgasindo, Good Corporate Governance means being transparent with and responsive to shareholder while managing the company for long-term success. We communicate with shareholders through reports, meetings, and other formats. Meetings are hold frequently with shareholders to discuss governance, financial, environmental, social and policy issues.

As stated in the Policy and Procedure of Business Ethics of the Company, Good Corporate Governance (GCG) department has conducted awareness session that is compulsory to all employees in order to increase the employee awareness towards compliance and implementation code of conduct. Moreover, the awareness session also conducted for BOD and BOC, up to TGI vendors. By delivering the awareness session, it is expected stakeholders of TGI will follow and comply with the Company business ethics.

Our GCG principles

1. Transparency
Commitment to disclose material and relevant information in a timely, accurate manner, ensuring the quality of the company to shareholders and other stakeholders, in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations.

2. Accountability
Clarity of authority and responsibility, supporting efforts to ensure the balance of interests between Management and those others in respective positions within the company, in such a manner that decisions are executed impartially and implemented effectively.

3. Responsibility
All parties concerned within the Company carry out their duties as Good Corporate Citizens within their community, upholding values and complying with existing laws and regulations.

4. Independence
A professional company is to be managed with no conflicts of interest, influence or pressure from any parties, in any manner not in accordance with laws and regulations.

5. Fairness
Ensuring the protection and equality, and respecting the rights of shareholders, including the rights of minority shareholders, and other stakeholders without discrimination in accordance with applicable laws and regulation.

These principles are designed because we believe that working in a legal, ethical and transparent fashion also means good business, both in short and long run.

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