TGI is committed to excellence in all our activities including giving priority to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).

TGI shall take every reasonable and practicable step to prevent and eliminate injuries, health hazards and damage to property and the environment.

TGI shall ensure that the facilities we design, build and operate, and the services we provide, are in accordance with prevailing Indonesian Laws and Regulations, legal requirements, industry standards and best practices.

TGI shall operate in accordance with the following HSE principles and actively pursue continuous improvement in these and all related activities:
  • A safe and conducive working environment shall be provided for all employees.
  • Sufficient resources shall be accountable for the implementation of the HSE policy, and all employees shall be responsible for compliance with the HSE standards.
  • Concerns of the local communities shall be addressed and statutory requirements shall be followed.
  • Contractors managed by TGI shall operate with TGI's HSE standards as a minimum.
  • Risks shall be minimized through identification and assessment to a level As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).
  • Contingency plans shall be in place to deal with emergencies.
The Board of Directors shall periodically review the Health, Safety and Environment Management System and practices to ensure effectiveness.

In protecting the environment, TGI strictly adheres to the applicable standards and regulations. We have taken the proper steps to control erosion, protect the water, solve the sea transport problems and improve the socio-economic condition of the populace. All of those are regularly and well-documented in each and every Right Of Way.

The quality of air, water and physical hazards in TGI’s work environment are closely monitored to safeguard against pollution due to the company’s operational activities.

We also work together with a certified waste-management company to routinely handle and dispose our waste safely.
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